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Why You NEED a Website
February 24, 2016
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How To Build A Website

For the hearing impaired, we’ve included the script below. Enjoy.

Welcome to EasyPeasy Builder!

So you’ve created an account and you’re ready to build your website. Great! Let’s get started.

First you’re probably going to need a navigation system. Let’s put one in. Choose your favorite style from the sidebar on the left and drag and drop it into place.

Now let’s pick out an intro block. Something to attract your customer and let them know about your business. There’s plenty of styles and layouts to choose from. All professionally designed and proven to convert visitors which saves you a lot of time. Here’s a good one. Just drop it into place.

Easy How To Build A Website Video

EasyPeasy Builder Block System For Designing Websites The Easy Way

Now, what’s the most important piece of your website? That’s right, content. That part’s pretty easy too. Just change the mode to “Content” and click on the element you want to customize. “Update” your content and you’re ready to move on to the details.

Changing the background image is simple. Just switch to “Details” and click on the image you want to change. When the detail editor pops up click on the background image box and choose a new image. You can upload your own photos or use one from our image library.

Now “Apply” your changes. That’s it.

Let’s add a couple more blocks. Isn’t this fun?

We don’t limit you to any specific layout. You choose how you want your site to look and how you want to organize your blocks. You can even reorder your blocks to get just the right configuration. Once you’re satisfied with your new site design, save it.

Click the “Publish” button and you’re site is instantly online. EasyPeasy right? Get started, build your professional website with us. Today.

And that’s How To Build A Website.

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